By: Karen L. Rowe, AP, DOM

One of the most satisfying aspects of practicing acupuncture is helping a couple get “pregnant”.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a 38 year old lady, “Sarah”, who had had several miscarriages. Inspite of this troubling history, she and her husband, deeply wanted to be parents and have a family. Sarah and her husband had both gone to their MD’s and a Fertility clinic to understand their options. They both were in good health. There were no known causes as to why she was suffering these miscarriages. Understandably, Sarah had a lot of stress, anxiety and fear surrounding the whole process.

During her first visit, I asked her a variety of questions regarding her physical health/well-being as well as her diet, nutrition, exercise and outlook on life. I was very excited to work with her because she was fundamentally healthy — eating a nutritious diet, exercising 4-5 times a week, she was a non-smoker, light social drinker, had no known medical conditions and did not take any pharmaceutical medication.

In taking her health history, she related to me that her periods were irregular at times, sometimes skipping a month and that the week prior to her cycle she would experience painful frontal headaches, cramping and moodiness. With this information, I formulated a treatment plan which included acupuncture, two Chinese herbal formulas and some dietary changes.

She came for weekly treatments over the course of 5 months and in the 6 month, she got pregnant. She was over the moon excited but was also wary that another miscarriage could result. Over the next weeks, much of the treatment was focussed on lowering her stress and anxiety. To her and her husband’s delight, she delivered a healthy 7lb. 10oz. baby boy the beginning of March.

This case study does not reflect what happens with all couples that are affected by infertility, but in many cases, acupuncture and Chinese herbology can help produce the desired result without the use of drugs or hormonal therapies. For more information, please visit my website:

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